In the item Enschede NL 1 we alraedy could read that Theodore Henry Platvoet imigrates in 1847 from Enschede to America with 3 persons.
In the United States there also lives a family
Platfoot. This are all successors of Theodore Platvoet, but changed the spelling in "Platfoot".

Members of the today-family think there probably was a mixed up about the postdelivery between two cousins who lived close to each other and had the same name. Because of this one of them changed his name.

An other rumor tells that 2 of Platvoet were in love of the same lady and one of them changed his name so he would not associated with this affair.

At the subject of name
spelling in the States you should be aware that a lot of names were changed in the US not buy choice but it was forced. Edward Platvoet (4.1) tells about that: "My wife's grandfather immigrated to the US from the Netherlands and when he found a job as a printer the company spelled his name Shew instead of (de) Zeeuw. When he complained the paymaster said: ”Tthat is your name if you want to work here”. So he shut up and used Shew".
There also ware made a lot of mistakes at several registrations of birth, marriage and death. Edward:
"If you look at the list of passengers on the ship my grandfather immigrated on,  our name is spelled Platvoei. Because of that I had a lot of trouble finding him. So I did a search on my Grandmothers maiden name since I knew they were on the same ship and she didn't (wouldn't) marry him until they were in the US. You see times haven't changed that much. It was not easy for the immigrate, but they made it in spite of the hardships”. Names were also changed by the immigration officials at Ellis Island, don't forget this was before computers and all the lists were hand written. So mistakes were many and often".


1: Theodore Henry (Theodorus Hendrikus) Platvoet, son of Jan Josephus Platvoet (for blood-relationship, see item Enschede NL 1, nr. 4.2), born in 1807 in Enschede, the Netherlands, lives in Lonneker (near Enschede). Theo marries at 10 mei 1837 in Lonneker with Johanna Gertrude (Anna) Dornhege, born in 1804 in Epe, Pruisen (now Germany), daughter of Gerhard Henrich Dornhege (*Epe. Pruisen), farmer, and Gertrud ter Glane, also farmer. Theodore and Anna leaves the Netherlands with their only child Hendrik Jan to America at 3  June 1847 and arrives in New York at 5 July 1847. They leave the state of New York for a short time before going on to Hamilton County, Ohio and finally to Rhine, Shelby County, Ohio. Theo dies at 18 December 1871 in Shelby Co (Rhine), Ohio and Anna dies at 23 May 1878 in Shelby Co (Rhine), OH. All of them are buried in St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio. Some tombstones have the name Platfoot while others have Platvoet.
From this marriage:
1 Henry John (Hendrik Jan) Platvoet, born at 22  June 1840 in Enschede, the Netherlands (see 2.1).

2.1: Henry John Platvoet, son of Theodore Henry Platvoet (1), born at 22  June 1840 in Enschede, the Netherlands, marries with Anna (also Hannah) Katherine Freistuhler (also Freistuehler, Friestuhler, Frisstiller, Freistiller, Frysteeler, Frysteller, Freystoles and Tristieler), born 23 March 1853 in Galion, Ohio. Henry dies at 26 May 1914  near to Rhine, Ohio, 73 years old. He is buried in the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio. Anna dies at 4  July 1908 and is  buried at the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio.
From th
is marriage:

1 Anna (Ann or Johanna) Platfoot, born at 4 and and christened 5 May (or 10 July) 1872 in Shelby Co. Ohio, dies 29 August 1875, buried in Rhine Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;

2 John (Johann) Henry Platfoot, born at 29 December 1873 and christened 1 January 1874, dies at 29 August 1875, buried at the Rhine Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;

3 Catherine Platvoet (Platfoot), Katie, born 25 and christened 26 June 1875, dies 10 April 1951, buried at the Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Botkins, Ohio;

4 Joseph Henry Platfoot, born 12 March 1877, dies 25 (23) May 1878 (1879), buried at the Rhine Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;

5 Mary Gertrude Platvoet (Platfoot), Mary, born at 7 November 1878, marries at 23 August 1899 with Andrew Gehret and dies at 26 March 1962 in Versailles, Ohio. Andrew is born at 2 September 1871 and dies at 11 March 1933 in Shelby Co. Ohio. Both are buried at the St Peter & Paul Cemetery, New Port, Ohio). From this marriage: 1 Antonette Gehret, born 17 August 1900, marries with Raymond Paulus; 2 Joseph Gehret, born 9 April 1902, marries with Ann Mueller at 2 September 1925 and dies at 4 March 1972; 3 Eleanora Gehret, born 21 September 1904, marries with Henry Meyer at 26 September 1945; 4 Louis Gehret, born 15 August 1905; 5 Rose Matilda Gerhret, born at 4 September 1907, marries with Leo Lawrence Thobe, born in 1933; 6 Ferdinand Gehret, born 18 July 1909, marries with Alma Magoto at 9 November 1935; 7 Clemons Gehret, born 1 December 1911, marries with Julie Ann Giere in 1948; 8 Hilda Gehret, born at 24 November 1915, marries with at 18 June 1935 with Wilfred Simons;

6 Elizabeth Platvoet (Platfoot), Lizzie, born 5 July 1880, marries at 25 Oktober 1904 with Bernard Schweitzer and dies at 22 March 1962 (1960?), buried at the Graceland Cemetery, Sidney, Ohio). From this marriage: 1 Heland Schweitzer, born 23 Februari 1908, marries with Michael Gepfrey at 4 May 1935.  They also had stepchildren, not mentioned here;

7 George Theodore Platvoet (Platfoot), born at 12 March 1882, (see 3.7);

8 Joseph John Platvoet (Platfoot),  born and baptized 12 December 1883 in Shelby County, Ohio (see 3.8);

9 Anna Barbara Platfoot, born at 24 and baptized 26 July 1885, dies at 23 March 1887 and is buried  at the Rhine Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;

10 Frank (Franz W) Platfoot, born 18 Februari 1888 in Dinsmore township, dies at 20 March1889 in Dinsmore township  is buried at the Rhine Cemetery, Rhine, Oh;

11 Albert George Platvoet (Platfoot), born 17 and baptized  24 November 1889, in Shelby Co. Ohio (see 3.11);

12 Bernard ALphonso Platvoet (Platfoot), Benjamin, born at 29 Oktober 1891 in Shelby County, Rhine Ohio (see 3.12);

13 Edward A. Platfoot, born at 18 April 1894, dies at January 1898 and is buried  in Rhine, Ohio;

14 Leo Platvoet (Platfoot), born at 4 January 1900, dies at 9 December 1988.

3.8: Joseph John (Platvoet) Platfoot, son of Henry John Platvoet (Platfoot) (2.1), marries Elizabeth Elsass, born 11 November 1889. Joseph dies 23 May 1945 in Botkins Ohio and is  buried  at the Botkins Catholic Cemetery. Elizabeth dies at 22 April 1915 in Lima, Ohio and is buried at the Botkins Catholic Cemetery.
From this marriage:
1 Earnest E, born 21 Oktober 1910 (see 5.1);
2 Lenus W. Platfoot, born at 25 November 1911, dies at 5 November 1963;
3 Frances Platfoot, born at 31 July 1913, dies 15 December 1987.

3.7: George Theodore Platfoot, son of Henry John Platvoet (2.1), born at 12 and baptized 15 March 1882, marries at 9 August 1912 with Bertha Behr, presumably daughter of Samuel Behr, born in 1867, dies at 8 Februari 1928 and buried at the Sacred Heart Cemetery, (McCartyville) Shelby Co. Ohio. George dies at 22 June 1963 and the same as Bertha buried  in de Sacred Heart Catholic Church, McCartyville, Ohio.
From this marriage:
1 Herbert Samuel (Platvoet) Platfoot, born at 10 May 1913 (see 4.1);
2 Michael Robert (Platvoet) Platfoot, born at 5 June 1917 (see 4.2);

3 Agnes Platfoot, born at 15 May 1915, marries with John Raymond Cloppert, son of Viola Cloppert. They have a daughter, Katherine Cloppert. Agnes dies at 17 June 1998 in the Miami Valley Hospital. At 20 June 1998 there was a Christian Funeralservice in the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 2300 Smithville Rd in Dayton. She is buried  at the Calvary Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio. From this marriage: 1 John Cloppert, 2 Kitty Cloppert;

4 Irene Platfoot, born at 19 and baptized 24 August 1919, marries with at 6 Oktober 1945 Daniel Heater. They have stepchildren and adopted children;

5 Rosella Platfoot, born at 10 January 1922, marries at 28 July 1941 with Fredric Barhorst. From this marriage: 1 Russel Barhorst; 2 Dale Barhorst, born 22 December 1944, dies 28 September 1964; 3 Susan Barhorst, born 1 September 1947, dies 12 February 1948; 4 David Barhorst; 5 Jack Barhorst;

6 Isabelle Julia Platfoot, born at 24 July 1924, dies at 1 Januari 1929;

7 Esther R. Platfoot, born 26 November 1926, marries at 26 November 1947 with Robert J. Scheer uit New Knoxville, OH. Zij dies ?. From this marriage: 1. Nancy Scheer; 2. Victoria Scheer; 3. Antonette Scheer; 4. Robert Randel Scheer;

8 Lucille Platfoot, born at 9 December 1928, marries with James H. Scheer at 29 November 1947, (leeft nog). From this marriage: 1. James J. Scheer; 2. Bruce Scheer; 3. Brad Scheer; 4. Ron Scheer; 5. Teresa Scheer;

9 Raymond Platfoot, born at 16 November 1931, dies after 2 month and is buried Sacred Heart Catholic Church, McCartyvile,  Ohio;

10 Norbert Platfoot, born at 10 July 1933 (see 4.10);
11 Norman Platfoot, born at 10 July 1933 (see 4.11);
12 Orville V. Platfoot, born at 22 Oktober 1934 (see 4.12);
13 Jeanette Platfoot, born at 29 January 1940, marries with Bobby Billing, dies at 17 April 1995. From this marriage: 1. Robin Billings; 2. Gregory Billings; 3. Jack Billings; 4. Denise Billings.

3.11: Albert George Platfoot, son of Henry John Platvoet (Platfoot) (2.1), born 17 November 1889, in Shelby Co. Ohio, marries at 18 June 1913 with Elizabeth Kneufner, dies at 6 January 1959 and is buried  at the St Andrews Cemetery, Richmond, Indiana). From this marriage:
1 Elmer Platfoot, born at 4 May 1914, marries with Jane Puthoff;
2 Ivo Platfoot, born at 5 July 1917, marries with Corine Little at 25 Oktober 1941 (see 6.2);
3 Norma Platfoot, born at 16 Februari 1916, marries with Emmit Puthoff at 14 Oktober 1937.

3.12: Bernard (Ben, Benne, or Benjamin) ALphonso Platfoot, son of Henry John Platvoet (Platfoot) (2.1), born at 29 Oktober 1891 in Shelby County, Rhine Ohio, marries at 20 November 1913 with Stella Ambos and dies at 7 June 1963 and is buried  in Port Jefferson, Ohio.
From this marriage:
1 Thurman Platfoot, born at 6 September 1914, dies at 20 Januari 1989;
2 Arietta V Platfoot, born at 7 Oktober 1917, dies at 22 Oktober 2003;
3 Stanley I. Platfoot, born at 29 November 1919, dies in November 1970;  
4 Viola G. Platfoot, born at 3 June 1922;
5 Janette Platfoot, born at 3 April 1924, marries with Howard Higginbothem.

4.1: Herbert Samuel (Platvoet) Platfoot, son of George Theodore Platfoot (3.7), born at 10 and baptized 11 May 1913, godpatents Andrew Gerhardt and Mary Gertrude Platvoet. Herbert marries at 27 Februari 1943 with Wilma Boeke and dies at 8 March 1963. From this marriage:
1 Elizabeth A. Platfoot;
2 Phyllis J. Platfoot;
3 William Platfoot;
4 John Henry Platfoot;
5 Diane M. Platfoot;
6 Constance A. Platfoot;

7 Carol Platfoot, dies at 10 March 1953;
8 Duane N. Platfoot;
9 Sharon E. Platfoot,

10 Richard L. Platfoot;
11 Stevand R. Platfoot.

4.2 Michael Robert (Platvoet) Platfoot, son of George Theodore Platfoot (3.7), born at 5 and baptized 6 January 1917, godparents Machael Francis Heuker and Hilda Behr-Heuker. Robert  marries at 22 May 1940 with Ursula Schlater and dies at 1 August 1994. Both are buried  at the Sacred Heart Cemetery, McCartyville, Ohio).
From this marriage:
1 Ronald Platfoot, son;
2 Marlene Platfoot, dr;
3 Gerald Platfoot, son;
4 Thomas Platfoot, son;
5 Joann Platfoot, dr;
6 Theresa Platfoot, dr;
7 George Platfoot,son;
8 Frank Platfoot, son;
One of these children dies at 16 Oktober 1950.

4.10: Norbert Platfoot, son of George T Platfoot (3.7), twinbrother of 4.11, born at 10 July 1933, marries with Betty Kritzer and remarries with Alice Zimpfer. Sister and brother in law of Norman are Irene Theter from New Carlisle, Esther and Robert Scheer from New Knoxville, OH, Lucille and James Scheer from New Bremen, OH and Sally Ware from Botkins, OH. 
From this marriage:
1 Melody Platfoot,

4.11: Norman Platfoot, son of George T Platfoot (3.7), twinbrother of  4.10, born at 10 July 1933, marries with Judy Richardson and remarries with Sally Wilson.
From this marriage:
1 Kimberly Platfoot,
2 Randy Platfoot,

4.12: Orville V. Platfoot, son of George T Platfoot (3.7),  born at 22 Oktober 1934, marries with Sue Ann Miller at 19 July 1959, dies in September 1982. From this marriage:

1 Alan Platfoot, marries with Susan Stayton, daughter of Marie Stayton. Susan wrote a book titeled ‘Susan’s Story, A Faith Journey’, in with they tells her inspiring story about cancer and how this affects her and those surrounding her. The book affords thousends of dollars for research on brestcancer in the City of Hope. (see photo);

2 Sherry A. Platfoot;
3 Christopher L. Platfoot;
4 Carol Sue Platfoot.

5.1: Earnest E Platfoot, son of Joseph John (Platvoet) Platfoot (3.8),  born at 21 Oktober 1910, marries with Heland Magato. Earnest, dies at 27 May 1996 in Versailles and is buried  at the St. Albert’s Cementery.
From this marriage:
1 Robert E. Platfoot, born at 1 August 1936, marries with Ruth Dorothy Stammand and dies at 7 August 1999;
2 Roger E. Platfoot, born at 6  Oktober 1937;
3 James Carl Platfoot, born at 6 June 1940;
4 Leroy R. Platfoot, born at 14 September 1941;
5 Carl Richard Platfoot, born at 2 July 1943 in Newport, Shelby County, Ohio (see 7.5);
6 Willard Ralph Platfoot;
7 Melvin Platfoot, born 30 May 1945, dies 10 August 1945, twin to Nelson Platfoot;
8 Nelson Platfoot, born 30 May 1945, dies 10 August 1945, twin to Melvin Platfoot;
9 Linda Ann Platfoot;
10 Lawrence Josheph Platfoot, born at 16 March 1952 (see 7.10).

7.5: Carl Richard Platfoot, son of Earnest E Platfoot (5.1), born at 2 July 1943 in Newport, Shelby County, Ohio, marries with Linda Lou Little (later Cooper), born at 6  March 1945 in Piqua, Ohio, as daughter of Joel Richard Little. Joel Richard Little’s father is Cyrus Guy Little, born in 1912 in Middelburg and merried with Myrtle Grubbs. Carl dies at 20 August 1987 in Piqua, Ohio.
From this marriage:
1 Joel Alland Platfoot, son, born at 4 August 1963 in Piqua Ohio;
2 Holly Ann Platfoot.

Anna Platfoot, born at 23 March 1851, dies at 4 July 1906, 55 years old, buried  at the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;
Anna E Platfoot, born at 30 December 1910, dies at 17 March 1993;
Benjamin E Platfoot, born at 8 June 1969, dies in 15 April 1996;
Bernard Platfoot, born at 29 Oktober 1891, dies in June 1963, Ohio;
Bertha Platfoot, born at 15 June 1894, dies in Oktober 1981, Ohio;
Carrie L Platfoot, born at 25 August 1908, dies in 12 April 1996;
David Platfoot, born at 28 Februari 1946, dies in July 1980;
Dedrick Platfoot, born in the Netherlands, farmer, dies in December 1871 in Dinsmore tp, death on Gravel, lives in Dinsmore tp, married, 65 years old;
Elizabeth Platfoot, born at 05 September 1886, dies in Oktober 1962, California;
Elizabeth Platfoot, marries with Theodore Freistiller. From this marriage: Joseph. Fristiller, born at 10 Aug 1885 in Dinsmore township, Shelby Co, Ohio;
Elizabeth Platvote (Platfoot?), born in Auglaize Co, Ohio (of Prussia?), dies at 9 April 1879 in Dinsmore tp, lives in Dinsmore tp, married, 50 years old;
Ernest Platfoot, born at 30 Januari 1900, dies in August 1980, Florida;
Gertrude Platfoot (also Platvoet and Platfuss), marries with Joseph Smier (also Schmerge). From this marriage: 1 Mary Elizabeth, born 21 April 1854; 2 Gerhard Henry Schmerge marries with Kathrine Schnippel; 3 Bernard John Schmerge, marries with Elizabeth Schnippel; 4 Annie Smier, born at 8 December 1869 in Dinsmore tp, Shelby Co, Ohio. Gertude dies at 17 November 1896;
Heland Platfoot, born at 21 Februari 1901, dies in July 1983, Clalifornia,
Heland Platfoot, born at 30 April 1912, dies in May 1976, California,
Henry Platfoot, born in Dinsmore township, dies at 18 August 1888 in Dinsmore township;
James Platfoot, born at 10 March 1923, dies in Februari 1971;
Jared Thomas Platfoot, lives in Anna, dies at 12 March 2005. Cromes Funeral Home, Sidney (Ohio);
Johan H Platfoot, dies at 31 December 1875, 1 years 9 month and 26 days old, buried  at the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;
Johanna Platfoot, born at 5 March 1872, dies at 31 November 1873, 3 years and 8 month old, buried  at the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;
Johanah Platfoot, born in Germany, dies at 23 May 1878 in Dinsmore tp, lives in Dinsmore tp, widow, 74 years old;
Karand L Platfoot, born at 01 November 1944, dies op17 Januari 2003;
L M Platfoot, born at 09 August 1970, dies in July 1992;
Louis Platfoot, born at 30 May 1896, dies in September 1968;
Maartion D Platfoot, born at 29 June 1896, dies op16 September 1987;
Maarty Platfoot, born at 16 June 1883, dies in Januari 1964, Ohio;
Priscilla Platfoot, born at 23 July 1898, dies in Januari 1978, Kansas;
Ray G. Platfoot, dies 16 November 1931, 2 month old;
Roger E Platfoot, born at 06 Oktober 1937, dies op15 May 2000;
Susan E Platfoot, born at 23 Oktober 1947, dies at 08 June 2003;  
Ursala Platfoot, born at 27 June 1917, dies at 08 April 2003;

Stil unknown familymembers:


7.10: Lawrence Joseph Platfoot, son of Ernest E Platfoot (5.1), born 16 March 1952, marries Betty Dershem, born 25 January 1954 as the daughter of Joyce and Myrtle Dershem on 7 December 1973.

From this marriage:

1 Michelle Lynn Platfoot, born 6 May 1974 in Greenville, Darke County Ohio, marries on 3 May 1997 with David William Bruggeman, born 13 October 1969, and resides in St. Henry, Ohio.  From this marriage: 1 Evan William Bruggeman, born 15 November 2002; 2 Eric Joseph Bruggeman, born 15 April 2004; 3 Ian Richard Bruggeman, born 15 February 2007; 4 Mara Lynn Bruggeman, born 4 January 2009

2 Janelle Renee Platfoot, born 10 April 1976 in Greenville, Darke County Ohio, accountant, marries on 24 August 1996 with William Kenneth Pleiman, born 23 October 1975, divorces on 2 May 2002.  From this marriage: 1 Kaila Marie Pleiman, born 4 October 1995; 2 Cassandra Renee Pleiman, born 25 February 1998; 3 Whitney Alexis Pleiman, born 21 October 1999.

Janelle remarries on 9 September 2006 to Mark Douglas Cantwil Jr., born 9 November 1974 and resides in Russia, Ohio. From this marriage: 4 Caden Lawrence Cantwil, born 18 July 2008.

3 Stephanie Nicole Platfoot, born 25 June 1978 in Greenville, Darke County Ohio, marries on 15 August 1998 with Ryan Thomas Scheib (born 27 April 1974) and resides in New Bremen Ohio.  From this marriage: 1 Colin Glen Scheib born 17 April 1997; 2 Miranda Jordan Scheib born 19 June 2002; 3 Cooper Ryan Scheib born 10 August 2004.

Anna Platvoet- Dornhege,

wife of Theo Platvoet

(ca 1880)

Henry and Anna Platvoet (-Freistuhler)

(ca 1900)

Bernard and

Elizabeth Schweizer-Platfoot (2.1.6)


Joseph and Elizabeth Platfoot (-Elsass) (3.8)

(ca 1910)

standing: Balbina Gehret and George Platvoet (3.7);

sitting: Andrew and Mary Gehret-Platvoet

(2.1.5). (23-08-1899).

Ernest and Heland Platfoot-Magato

right: Louis Gehret

Lenus and Frances Platfoot

(children of 3.8)

Leo Platfoot

Albert Platvoet (3.11) and Hilda Huecker

George and Bertha Platvoet (-Behr) (3.7)

standing: Joseph Schmerge and Kate Platfoot


sitting: Albert and Elizabeth Platfoot(-Kneufer) (3.11). 18 June 1913.

6.2: Ivo Platfoot, son of Albert George Platfootborn (3.11), born at 15 Juli 1917, lives 11551 Township Line Rd, Eldorado, Preble County OH, marries with Corrine, born at 1 Oktober 1917. He was a toolmaker at the Inland Division of GM in Vandalia. He is retired when he dies in August 1987, 70 years old. The funeral is in the St Johns Catholic Church in New Paris, OH, and in the Barnes Funeral Home, New Paris Chapel. Ivoe had a sister, Norma Puthoff. Corrine dies at 20 Februari 2003.
From this marriage:
1 Carol Sue, marries Taggart;
2 Gary.
and 5 grandchildren.

Ivo, Norma and Elmer Platfoot (children of 3.11)

Platvoet in the USA 2


Platvoet in the USA






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Leo Platvoet (Platfoot)