Platvoet and Platevoet


From Platvoet - in English: flatfeet - in America you do not only think of the Indians. There are also living European Platvoet's. They also have names as Platfoot and Platevoet.

Castle Carden

Platvoet in New Jersey

From Texel Jacob Platvoet emigrated tot the United States of America. Shipmanifests from Ellis Island shows, that at 22 September 1903 there arrives a ship from Rotterdam with passangers from Germany, Netherlands and Russia. From Holland is that the family Kuyper, but also Antje Vlas, 22 years old and Jacob Platvoet’s wife.
Jacob already arrived 5 months earlier at 28 April 1903 in Amerika. He travels from Oldeschild on Texel with the  Noordam, wich also came off from Rotterdam.
The lifeline of Jacob is as follows.

1: Jacob Platvoet, born at 19 April 1879 on the Island of Texel in Holland, son of Gerrit Teunisz Platvoet and Jantje Gerrits Kuiper. Jacob marries at 14 October 1902 in Holland, with Anna Vlas, born at 16 December 1881 in Holland, daughter of Cornelius Vlas and Jansje Duynmeyer. Jacob dies in Paterson, New Jersey (NJ), USA. Ana dies there at 20 July 1959.
From this marriage:
1 Garret, born at 16 February 1904 (see 2.1);
2 Cornelius, born at 2 March 1906;
3 Tunis, born in 1909, died at 27 Jan 1988 in New Jersey;
4 Edward, born at 2 November 1911 in Paterson NJ (see 2.4);
5 Jennie, born at 19 December 1914 in New Jersey, marries with Henry de Bot.

2.1: Garret Platvoet, son of  Jacob Platvoet (1), born in 1905, carpenter, marries with Ethel ?. From this marriage:
1 Garry Jr., (see 3.1)

2.4: Edward Platvoet, son of Jacob Platvoet (1), marries at 22 September 1934 in Paterson NJ with Klarina Alida Onos (Ella), born at 21 June 1913 in New Jersey, who dies at 6 April 1996 in Wayne NJ, daughter of Abraham Onos and Jeanette Kaslander. Edward dies at 17 April 1981 in Ridgewood NJ.
From this marriage:
1 Edward Jr, born in 1935 in Paterson NJ (see 4.1);
2 Anne Marie, born at 10 December 1938 NJ, marries with Paul Alfonzo Jr. Michielsand and dies at 12 April 1958 in Paterson. From this marriage: Linn Michielsen, dr, who marries with Athur.

3.1: Garry Platvoet Jr., son of  Garret Platvoet (2.1), carpenter, marries in West Paterson NJ with Eleanor van der Hay, daughter of Jacob van der Hey and Mary Derkacks. Leaves for Passic Valley HS.
From this marriage:
1 Garry (Garret), born in 1952 in New Jersey, (see 5.1);
2 Donald, born in 1965 in West Paterson NJ. (see 5.2);


4.1: Edward Jr Platvoet, son of Edward Platvoet (2.4), marries at 20.10.1956 in Paterson NJ with Grace Ann Shew, born at 11.09.1936 in Paterson NJ, daughter of Henry Shew and Edna Van Natta.
From this marriage:
1 Gland Edward, born at 5 Oktober 1957 in Paterson NJ, marries at 28 June 1986 in Haledon NJ, with Catherine Alice Fouchaux;
2 Carl Henry, born in 1958 in Paterson NJ (see 6.2);
3 Dale Grace, born at 24.05.1962 in Paterson NJ, marries at 02.10.1993 in North Haledon NJ with Eric John Riedener.


5.1: Garry Platvoet, son of Garry Platvoet (3.1), born in 1952 in New Jersey, carpenter, marries with Catherine J Mancini. From this marriage:

1 Keith, born in 1979 in New Jersey;

2 Robert Garret, born in 1982 in New Jersey, account representative;

3 Pamela, born in 1983 in New Jersey;

4 Lucy, born in 1985 in New Jersey.


5.2: Donald Platvoet, son of Garry Platvoet (3.1), born in 1965 in New Jersey, carpenter, marries Theresa De Si Sino, born in 1955. From this marriage:

1 Donald Jr., born in 1980;

2 Frankie;

3 Laura.

6.2: Carl Henry Platvoet, son of Edward Jr Platvoet (4.1), born in 1958 in Paterson NJ, partner of Patricia Heredia, born at 10 September 1956 in Newton NJ, daughter of Robert Heredia and Maarty Wardle. From this marriage:
1 Erica Lynn, born at 12 January 1982 in Newton NJ;
2 Alexis Elizabeth, born at 12 Februari 1985 in Newton NJ.

Not only Jacob Platvoet imigrates to America. It is known that at 18 December 1847 also Hendrik Platvoet, 55 years old, imigrates from Enschede with 4 persons to America.
He travels with the Mississippi of Demerara from Amsterdam to New York.
Hendrik is the son of Joannes Hinricus Platvoet, (see Enschede 1, under 2.5) 
1: Joannes Hinricus Platvoet, Jan Hendrik (also Hindrik), son of Gerrit Platvoet (see: Enschede 1, 1.1), born in 1792 in Enschede (NL), marries at 6 March 1823 in Enschede (NL) with Euphemia Maria (Fenna) Loonk, born in 1802 as doughter of Gerrit Loonk, shoemaker, and Geertuid Robers. Jan Hendrik is cooper (kuiper) like his father. From this marriage:
1 Gerrit, born 19 juni 1824 in Enschede (NL) and died 29 Oktober 1824 in Enschede, 4 month old;

2 Gerrit, Garret, born 30 Oktober 1825 in Enschede (NL) (see 2.1);

3 Gradus (Dirk), born 14 Oktober 1827 in Enschede (NL);

4 Karel, born 20 July 1833 in Enschede (NL);

5 Geertruid, (also Caroline Gertrude) born 11 April 1833 in Enschede (NL) (see 2.4);

6 NN, born and died 9 April 1835 in Enschede (NL);

7 NN, gborn and died 23 August 1937 in Enschede (NL);

8 NN, born and died 27 March 1839 in Enschede (NL);

Fenna Loonk died 30 May 1841 in Enschede (NL)

Platvoet in Ohio


2.1: Gerrit (also Gerhard or Garret) Platvoet (Plattfoet), born at 30 Oktober 1825 in Enschede, Netherlands, marries at 25 May 1851 in Cincinati, Ohio with Catherine Elizabeth Frekers, born at 31 May 1830 in Germany. Garret and Catherine emigrates to the US. There Garret is a farmer. He marries a second time at 14 November 1885 with Gertrude Kaiser Schmidt. He dies at 16 March 1896, 50 years old, in Dinsmore twp, Shelby Co, Ohio, and Elizabeth dies at 9 April 1880 in Dinsmore twp. Shelby Co, Ohio.
From both marriages:
1 Mary Catherine Platvoet, born at 5 October 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio, marries at 22 November 1879 with William Smith. Married by Rev. N. Eilerman. Mary dies at 20 January 1901 in Ft. Recovery, Ohio. From this marriage: 1 Clara Smith (*ca.1880 Ft. Recovery, Mercer County Ohio, †ca.1940); 2 Helen Smith (*29.05.1881  Ft. Recovery, Ohio (information from St. Joseph's  in Ft. Recovery, godparents were Gerhard Platvoet and Anna Maria Platvoet); 3 John Henry Smith (*16.02.1886,  never married †03.02.1909 Ft. Recovery, Ohio).
2 Caroline, born in 1854 in Cincinnati, Ohio, maries with Schubert. She dies in Dayton;
3 Bernhard Henry, born at 7 and christened at 9 augustus 1856 in Botkins, Shelby Co. Ohio. He is christened by Fr Joseph Muckerhud. Godparents are Henry Platvoet and Mary Ann Morien. Baptized by Joseph Muckerhud. Bernard dies in 1870, 14 years old;
4 Margaret Elizabeth, born 23 and baptized at 25 March 1859 in Botkins, Shelby Co. Ohio by Fr. Jacob Ringely. Godparents Joseph Schmerge and Marianne Keiser. She dies bevor 1870;
5 Mary Catherine, christened at 19 May 1861 (?) in Botkins, Shelby Co. Ohio, marries with m. Frank Havermehl. She dies at 28 July 1910. From this marriage: 1 Oscar; 2 Agnes; 3 Adrian; 4 Beatrice.
6 Joseph Gerhard, born at 19 juni 1863 in Botkins, Shelby Co. Ohio (see 3.6);
7 Anna Rosina, born at 6 and baptized 8 April 1866 in Botkins, Shelby Co. Ohio by Fr. H Gobbels. Godparents Gerhard Deink and Anna Freker. She marries with Herman Weber. She dies at 4 Februari 1932 in Dayton and buried at 8 Februari 1932. From this marriage: 1 Vincent Weber; 2 Elizabeth Weber; 3, Luellan Weber.
8 John George, christened at 29 December 1868 in Botkins, Shelby Co. Ohio (see 3.8).

transcriptie geboorteakte Gerrit Platvoet
Transcribtion (overwriting) birthcertificate Gerrit Platvoet

                  Van Lochem     Warnaars

No 62  

Op heden den Een en twintigsten der maand Juny des jaars één duizend
At today the One and twentiest (=21) of the month June of the year one thousand

achthonderd vier en twintig, des voormiddags te tien uren, compareerde voor ons Jan van
eight hundred four and twenty (=1824), in the morning at ten (=10) hrs, emerged before us Jan van

Lochem, Burgermeester der stad Enschede
Lochem, Burgermeester of the town Enschede

Provincie Overijssel, waarnemende de functie van Officier van den Burgerlijken Stand, geadviteerd
Province Overijssel, depute the function of Officer of the …………….(registrar), assisted

door Antonij Warnaars, secretaris:
by Antonij Warnaars, secretary:

Jan Hendrik Platvoet -------- oud twee en dertig jaren,
Jan Hendrik Platvoet -------- old two and thirty (=32) years,

van beroep Kuiper --------- woonende te Enschede, geadsisteerd met twee Getuigen,
occupation Cooper -------- living at Enschede,  asisted with two witnesses,

de eerst Albert Kuipers, Barend Jans Loon, oud vijftig jaren
the first Albert Kuipers, Barend Jans Loon, old fifty (=50) years

tailor  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

den tweede Pieter van der Leede, oud vier en dertig jaren
the second Pieter van der Leede, old four and thirty (=34) years

katoenspinner, woonende beide alhier
cottonspinner, living both here (=in this town)

dewelke ons heeft verklaard, dat Euphemia Maria Loonk deszelfs
who has declared to us, that Euphemia Maria Loonk, his

huisvrouw, oud twee en twintig jaren, zonder beroep
houswife, old two and twenty (=22) years, without occupation

op den negentiende dezes des namiddags te een uren
at the nineteenth  these (=of this year) at afternoon  at one hours (=13.oo hrs)

ten zijnen huize is bevallen van een kind van mannelijke geslacht, aan hetwelk de voor-
at his house  has given birth of a child of male sex, to whome is given the christian-

naam is gegeven van Gerrit -------------------------------------------------------------------------
name of Gerrit -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Volgens deze verklaring  en ingevolge de rekwessitie van voornoemde Comparant, hebben wij deze Akte geformeerd,

Conform this statement and as a result of the sayings of mentioned person (= JH Platvoet), we have created this certificate,

dewelke, na gedane voorlezing, is getekend door onszen secretaris, de vader en beide Getuigen
wich, after reading, is signed by our secretary, the father and both witnesses

J H platvoet

A kuipers       bjL                        Van Lochem

P Van der Leede                         Waarnaars

2.4: Caroline Gertrude Platvoet, born 11 april 1833 in Enschede (NL), marries with Joseph Schmerge. She dies at 12 August 1896 in Ohio. From this marriage: 1 Frank Joseph Schmerge (*1852); 2 John Bernard Schmerge (*1856), 3 Laurance John Schmerge (*1858); 4 George Henry Schmerge (*1859, †1950); 5 Philomena Louise Schmerge (*14.04.1862 Botkins); 6 Adelheid Gertrude Schmerge (*27.03.1865 Botkins); 7 Elizabeth Schmerge (*18.. Botkins); 8 Anna Mary Schmerge (*08.12.1869 Botkins); 9 Andrew Bernard Schmerge (*02.12.1871 Botkins). Relative Eva Schmerge stil living on the familyfarm. This farm is on just 1 mile on the same raod of the farm of John George Platvoet (see 3.8).

3.6: Joseph Gerhard Platvoet, son of Gerhard Platvoet (2.1), born at 26 June 1863 in Botkins, Shelby Co. Ohio, christened at 29 June 1863 in the St.John’s Catholic Church Fryburg, Auglaize Co. Ohio. Sponsors Joseph Schmerge and Johanna Dornherge. Joseph Schmerge is married with Caroline Gertrude Platvoet (*ca 1832 in Holland , † 1896 in Ohio), sister of Gerhard Platvoet (). Joseph marries at 10 April 1888 with Mary Nester dougter of Joseph Nester and Rosina Fischer. Joseph dies at 24 November 1921 at the St.Rita’s Hospital, Lima, Ohio and is burried St. Joseph's Cemetery, Wapakoneta, Ohio. Mary dies at 26 January 1941 in Wapakoneta. Ohio.
From this marriage:
1 Rosina Elisabeth, born at 28 June 1894 in Wapakoneta, marries with A Sheets and again with Donald Butch. From the second marriage: 1 Marilyn Butch (*?, X Roland Meyers, † ca 2001);
2 Richard William, born at 23 February 1897 in Wapakoneta, Augalize Co. Ohio (see 4.2);
3 Urban Joseph, born at 30 January 1899 in Wapakoneta, Augalize Co. Ohio (see 4.3);
4 Margaret, born at 25 July 1902 in Wapakoneta, Augalize Co. Ohio, marries with Cy Sherman. From this marriage: 1 Joseph Sherman, zn, (X Ann Norton, 6 childeren). Margaret dies at 29 april 1966.;
5 Elisabeth Caroline, born in 1905 in Wapakoneta, Augalize Co. Ohio. She drowned in a boating accident at 27 augustus 1916, 11 years old. She is buried at the New St. Joseph Cemetery, Auglaize County, Ohio.

3.8: John George Platvoet, son of Gerhard Platvoet (2.1), christened at 29 December 1868 in Botkins, Shelby Co. Ohio, farmer, marries with Elizabeth Treutmann. He was ill many months with TB and dies at 29 April 1925 and is buried at 2 May 1925 at Rhine Cemetery, Shelby Co. Ohio. After his death his wife and two dougters moved to Goldwater. From this marriage:
1 John William, born at 27 and christened at 28 September 1901 in Rhine, Botkins Co. Ohio. Sponsors Joseph Platvoet and Maria Treutmann. William dies at 10 November 1901, 8 weeks old.
2 nn, dies at 21 September 1902;
3 Clara, born in 1907, moves first to Goldwater, marries with Joseph Rammel. She dies in 1985 in Mercer Co. Ohio;
4 Hulda Maria, born at 20 and christened at 23 Oktober 1910. Sponsors: William Smith and Maria Wempe. Hulda moves to Goldwater and kept house for Priest.

4.2: Richard William Platvoet, son of Joseph Gerhard Platvoet (3.6), born at 23 February 1897, marries at 25 September 1919 in Wapakoneta, Auglaize County, Ohio with Matilda Margaret (Tillie) Kupper, born at 4 February 1894 in Fryburg, Auglaize County, Ohio, doughter of Jacob Fredrick Kupper and Maarty Anna Steinke. Richard is Navy veteran WWI. Richard Platvoet started the Sidney Truck and Storage in 1926 after he left the family business in Wapakoneta, Ohio. His brother Urban and sister Margaret (Sherman) ran the business until Urban died of cancer in 1932. Richard moves at 15 May 1929 from Wapakoneta, Auglaize County, Ohio to Sidney.

“The one carrier for all your shipping needs sincs 1926” was his slogan. In 1934 he had about 10 drivers.  Specialized hauling was in his demand during the 1940’s and 1950’s.   

Richard dies at 17 September 1952 in Sidney (Shelby), Ohio. The Sidney Truck Company no longer belongs in the Platvoet family.  It was sold a number of years before Tillie Kupper died at 1 September 1974 in Sidney.
From this marriage:
1, ? dr, adopted;



4.3: Urban Joseph Platvoet, son of Joseph Gerhard Platvoet (3.6), born at 30 January 1899 in Wapakoneta, Augalize Co. Ohio, marries at 27 October 1926 in St.Joseph’s Catholic Church

Wapakoneta with Edna Mary Searl, born in 1905 (married first with B Terwilliger). Urban dies at 15 May 1932 of cancer, 6 weeks before his son Bill is born. Edna dies at 28 Aug 1970 in San Diego, California.

From this marriage:

1 Mary Catharine, marries with Kenneth Schars. From this marriage: 1 Denise), dr (X Larry Walsh, devorced, XX James Walker; 2 Karen, dr, (X Don Smidt, devorced, XX Scott Pieszchala, XXX Tom Harvey).

2 Joan Rosina Platvoet, dr, born in Wapakoneta, marries with Norman Sharpe. From this marriage: Pamela Sharp, dr. Joan dies at 11 July 2004;

3 Wiliam Frederick Platvoet, Bill, born in June 1932 in Wapakoneta (see 5.3)

Tuck Storage, Sidney, Ohio, USA,

company of Richard Platvoet.

1929, at the Big Four Brige, Sidney, Ohio.


5.3: Wiliam Frederick Platvoet, Bill, son of Urban Joseph Platvoet (4.3), marries with Caroline Margarite Mac Lean.
From this marriage:
1 Lynn Margaret, dr, marries with John Lloyd Wolfe. From this marriage: 1 Joshua Aaron Wolfe, zn; 2 Kathlyn Marguerite Wolfe, dr.;
2 Cheryl Ann, dr, marries with David Sansing. From this marriage: 1 Seth David Sansing, zn (X Janell Stephens, devorced, XX Candance Schimmell); 2 Thomas William Sansing, zn, (X).

Still unknown familymembers

(nn) Platvoet, daughter, born and died at 11 Februari 1907;
Anna G Platvoet, born in 1804, dies at 23 May 1878, buried at the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio
Catharina Platvoet, dies in 1857, buried at the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;
Catherine J Platvoet, born 5 April 1911in NJ, dies in April 1986 in Bergen, NJ;
Clara Platvoet, dies in 1898 in Mercer;
Cornelius Platvoet, dies at 2 March 1971 in Passaic, New Jersey;
Donald Platvoet, born ca 1965 in NJ;
Eleanor Platvoet, born ca 1930 in NJ;
Elizabeth Platvoet, dies in 1876 in Mercer;
Erica Platvoet, born ca 1981 in NJ;
Ethel Platvoet, born at 6 Januari 1904 , dies in Januari 1984 NJ 1984 in Ocean, New Jersey;
Garret Platvoet, born at 16 Februari 1905, dies at 14  November 1989 in Ocean, New Jersey;
Garret Jr. Platvoet, born at 4 March 1928, dies at 24 May 1999 in Ocean, New Jersey;
Garrett P Platvoet, born ca 1952 in NJ;
Gerhard Platvoet, marries at 24 November 1885 with Gertrude Hampschmidt. They are married by Nicholas Eilerman;
George Platvoet, born in 1869 in Botkins, Ohio, he is 27 year old when he marries at 11 Februari 1896 with Elizabeth Trentmann (also Trentman) from Botkins, Ohio, 20 years old. They are married by Henry Mueller. Elisabeth dies at 23 September 1883 (?) and is buried in the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio. Franz Joseph Trentman is a brother of Mrs. Elizabeth Platvoet. He dies at 12 March 1912 in Rhine, Ohio, 22 years old.
Glenn E Platvoet, born ca 1957 in NJ;
Grace A Platvoet, born ca 1936 in NJ;

Henry Platvoet, born at 26 May 1914, dies at 22 June 1940, buried at the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;
Henry Platvoet, dies in September 1859, 2 years and 28 dagand old, buried at the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;
Hulda Platvoet, dies in 1911 in Mercer;
Hulda Platvoet, born at 20 Oktober 1910, dies in July 1977 in Hamilton, Ohio;
Joan Platvoet, dies in Auglaize County, Ohio;
John H Platvoet, dies in September 1860, buried at the St. Lawrence Cemetery, Rhine, Ohio;
Junie Platvoet, dies in 1922 in Auglaize County, Ohio;
Klarina Platvoet, born at 21 June 1913, dies in April 1996 in Passaic, New Jersey;
Lynn Platvoet, ?;
Mary (Maarty) K Platvoet, dies in 1928 in Auglaize County, Ohio;
Matilda Platvoet, born at 4 Januari 1894, dies in September1974 in Shelby, Ohio
Mary Platvoet, born in 1866, dies at 26 Jan 1941, 74 years old;
Phyllis Platvoet, born in NJ;
Theresa L Platvoet, born ca 1955 in NJ;
Tunis Platvoet, born at 1 Oktober 1908, dies at 26 January 1988 in Bergen, New Jersey;

Birthcertificate Gerrit Platvoet from 1824

Platvoet in the USA 1



 © a platvoet


Children of Joseph and Mary Platvoet (3.6),

Rosina, Richard, Urban and Margret (1904)

Urban Platvoet (4.3)

Richard Platvoet (ca 1946)

1926: The first truck of Sidney Truck and Storage. “NO LIMIT TO DISTANCE”

1934 Richard Platvoet (with hat & tie).


Specialized hauling (1951)

Sidney Truck President W E “Jiggs” Bemus (left) with driver Arnold Deatherage (center) and Ohio Trucking Association President J Sentle.

Deatherage recieved tha OTA Driver of the Year in 1958 for recuing a 70 year old woman in a wheelchair from her

burning home in Sidney.

Arnold Deatherage (1958). He retired in1978, with over 40 years driving.

W E Bemus (right) congratulates Sidney Truck driver Louis “Boots” Carper, following his final peddle delivery in 1969 before retirement. Caper had over 28 years driving experience with Sidney Truck.

1980 in front of the Big Four Bridge, Sidney, Ohio

A1990 Current President Karl Bemus with Maintenance

Supervisor Robert Silbert. Karl became Company President following his father’s passing in 1971. As of 1998, Bemus and Silbert have served Sidney Truck since 1959 and 1964 respectively.

1997 in front of the Big Four Bridge

Bill Platvoet (5.3)l